Greetings, everyone, would you watch this movie please? Thanks ❤️

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Greetings, everyone,

We’re glad you found this website supporting Adil Kassam’s home-rebuild fundraiser. Please watch this video that explains everything about this campaign. Thank you 🙏

Adil had friends over at his house during Thanksgiving, which ended abruptly with a sudden chimney fire, engulfing his home over a few hours. Adil’s house had served as the temple from where he organized miraculous global meditations with Team UNIFY

Adil has never asked for anything; all he’s ever wanted to do is serve humanity, but he needs our help right now. We’ve created this GoFundMe to support Adil through this challenging time and aid in rebuilding.

Adil’s house after the fire

We know money is tight for many of us lately, and tragedies are happening all over the world… Yet, Adil’s home was the center point for so much good. That’s why we are asking you to help by donating.

You can making a donation using the GoFundMe campaign where you can use Apple Pay and credit card. Alternatively, there’s more info below on how to send crypto.

Adil’s house after the fire

The funds will be used for:

-Temporary Housing.
-Interim living expenses for food, water, heat, shelter, basic internet access, etc.
-A makeshift studio for continued production on global peace work.
-Preventative measures for any further damages.
-Bridging the gap until insurance kicks in.

Any amount you donate helps. Thank you for your generosity and kindness, and may you always be safe and protected wherever you are.

With all our love,

Adil’s friends.

PS: Could you please share this website and the movie with friends and family? Thanks for caring & sharing. 🙏


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